Lightweight Python Virtual Env Manager


Python Developers, ever wanted an easier way to create or activate multiple different virtual environments? This is something that has plagued me for sometime.

One option that has been developed and works ok is Anaconda, but that does not work well with internal Pip packages or install packages from source.

An alternative I came across a couple of months ago in a tutorial on setting up Django written by DigitalOcean, has you setup a test repo and a production repo and create an alias workon that takes a parameter for activating the correct virtual environment.

Why not make workon able to make a venv?


To make coding this easier, I put a file named workon.bat in a directory that I have added to my PATH variable (in my case, c:\bin - a place where I store similar utilities), this makes typing workon on the command line call this script.


At a high level, the script should:


(Download: Click Here)